Daily Express - (Gold Face Masks)
"The Ultimate Facial"     "Will leave you glowing"

Talk Wellness - Anja Eva Keller

"I can tell an immediate effect, which is what you want! My skin was fresh, glowing, nourished, more toned, and re-hydrated. Jamela masks show how easy it can be!"
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Daily Telegraph - Kate Shapland - (Gold Face Masks)
"The idea  is that you place the sheet mask over your face for up to an hour to give your skin a super-nutritious feed and enhance its radiance"

Daily Mail - Elsa McAlonan - (Gold Face Masks)
"Golden Glow Facial"  "Essential for your make-up bag"

Consumer Choice - (Gold Face Masks)
"Accept no imitations, this 24k gold face mask from Jamela is the best gold facial on the market. Delivering collagen in a unique way our consumers have claimed fine lines and wrinkles disappear"

BT.Com- Carla Challis - (Gold Face Masks)
"After wearing one for the best of an hour, my skin definately looked more radiant and flawless"
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Asian.TV - (Gold Face Masks)
"Bringing a five star spa experience into your home, the rose fragrance of the masks have a calming aroma, all you need to do is lie back and relax while the mask works its magic. An experience like no other, this is the ultimate gift for your face"

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Luxgifts - (Gold Face Masks)
"When I used these masks I found my skin was much more hydrated and did look more radiant. These masks are definately an indulgence and are a unique wonderful gift"
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Financial Times - William Leith - ( Gold Under Eye Masks )
"There is a queue for the gold eye bag patches. A sense that somewhere, just around the corner, a miracle might exist"

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If you like a good facial mask without mineral oil, petroleum derived chemicals or parabens, give this one a try. No breakouts and refreshed dewey skin after application. Definitely recommended !"

Just Nice Things - (Gold Face Masks)
"My skin felt beautifully soft, fresh and the collagen ingredients really helped to smooth out any lines and creases"

UnfadingBeauty - ( Gold Under Eye Masks )
"They really do work. I think it's a very clever and gentle way to force moisture onto the delicate eye area and soften fine lines. Skin is left noticeably soft and refreshed looking, but more importantly the area stays smooth for hours"

Fizzy Peaches - ( Gold Under Eye Masks )
"As I peeled off the masks, I was happy to see my skin felt and looked firmer around the eyes and the puffiness had reduced significantly. I also enjoyed the experience of using a lovely product, and felt pampered and refreshed"

Cosmopolitan Magazine - Inge Van Lotringham - Beauty Director
"With all three masks featuring lots of skin loving, nourishing algae, my actual face ended up looking great, glowy and perhaps a little sexier. Which was nice.

Sophie Rose Hearts - (Gold Under Eye Masks)
"After peeling them off after just one use of these under eye masks I noticed that there was a certain plumpness and firmness to my under eye area and the puffiness was certainly reduced and my eye area looked considerably brighter. Amazing!"

World of Cruising Magazine -  (Gold Face Masks)
"And while you can have implants and injections, many of us are shying away from such intrusions, instead, topical collagen is the way forward, and Jamela Skin Care is in the forefront of these treatments"

Pampered Princess Barbie - (Gold Under Eye Masks)
The Jamela 24k Gold Under Eye Mask gets my seal of approval. It is animal-cruelty free and is packed with organic nutrients and anti-oxidants which stimulate collagen production thereby improving the skin's appearance under the eyes. One trial is all you need to see the instant results of this product"

She Said Beauty - (Gold Under Eye Masks)
"We love these so much that we had to include them in our December She Said Beauty Box. Try them, trust us , your eyes will thank you"
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Cosmopolitan Magazine - (Gold Eye Circle Masks)
"Opulent Eyes - Cleopatra slept in a gold mask due to its toxin-busting, circulation-boosting benefits. If its good enough for an Egyption queen........Jamela 24k Eye Circle Masks"

Pure Beauty Magazine - (Gold Face Masks )
"Pure Genius"

Bits & Bobs (Gold Range)
"Welcome to the new generation of skin tightening"

Asiana Wedding - (Gold Eye Masks)
"Eye Wonder" - Deeply nourish the eye zone"

Woman Magazine -(Gold Face Masks)
"Drip feeds your skin with age busting ingredients"

Bella Magazine -(Gold Face Masks)
"Golden Wonder" - "Our skin felt super soft after using it"

CDClifestyle.com - (Gold Face Masks)
"Gold, beauty and power long gone together, and the team at Jamela Skin Care know this"
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Amazing Blog - (Gold Face Masks)
"We´ve come across the perfect (and luxurious) gold leaf treatment. I've found that the fabulous Jamela masks leave my skin tighter and definately brighter"

Female First (Gold Face Masks)
"All you have to do is peel it from its pack, apply to your face, sit back, relax and let the mask do its work"

Fashion Bite (Gold Face Masks)
"I was pleasantly suprised! The mask felt instantly cool and soft on my skin and remained so without drying out like other masks. My face was left looking clean, feeling fresh and glowing slightly"

OneStepCloser2Fabulous (Gold Face Masks)
"I have used one a week, in the evening time and left it on for a minimum of 30 minutes. It deep cleanses, refines and tightens pores and leaves skin feeling fresh, (loved it!) Another reason why Jádore this 24 Carat Gold Face Mask and Jamela Skin Care is .... it´s ethical skin care."

Farrah Tells (Gold Face Masks)
"I had a friend over and she commented on my skin right away, there was definately instant results! The spots were not as red and inflamed. My skin had a natural glow over the next few days, like I had a facial. It's so different to anything else I have tried AND it works"

Be Beautiful (Gold Under Eye Masks)
"Immediately after removing the eye sheet masks I noticed my eyes felt so much softer and looked a lot more healthy and "plumped" up. I'd wholehearedly give this product a full 10/10. I love using them and have been absolutely raving about them to me friends"

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Friday Is Forever (Gold Face Masks)
"My skin definately looked noticeably healthier and improved in tone around my nose and cheeks which is where I usually suffer from redness, and my whole face is smoother to touch"

The Beauty Spot - Prestatyn (Gold Face Mask)
"Unbelievable, the best face mask/facial ever in all my experience in the industry over  the last 20 years. Skin is brighter, a more toned and even appearance, smoother to the touch, pores refined and it feels lifted beyond belief. Never experienced any thing like this before"

Be Beautiful (Gold Face Mask)
!I´ll just start by saying how much I LOVED this mask. The sheet itself is gel-like and moulds to your face really well. After removing the mask my skin felt instantly brighter, softer and looked a whole lot more radiant"

Cyberlady Online (Gold Face Masks)
"This, I feel, is truly the skin mask of the future because of its ease of use. Even fabric masks which I have previously used arent as convenient as this"

Really Ree - Hello Magazine Blogger (Gold Masks)
"And I have to say that after half an hour I was really very impressed with the instant improvement in skin tone and firmness. It felt smooth, moisturised and less saggy"